Burnout and Exhaustion Recovery

“Burnout” is such a negative word.

Who admits to being burned out?

It’s such a deflating word.

And it feels a lot like “failure.”

But are you… burned out?

“You’re doing so much!”

“How do you do it all?”

“How do you keep it all together?”

I remember feeling a sense of pride when people asked me these things. After all, that’s the way of our western culture, right? Holding family, friends, and work together while balancing all the other balls in the air…

On one foot…

With your eyes closed…

Wearing an outfit that is too tight but looks amazing….

I admit it: I was exhausted and BURNED OUT!

I had been on the road of success (or what I thought was success) for a long time:

Years of college…

Years of trying to do it all for everyone…

Years of striving to be the perfect professional and the perfect mom…

I was running around, commuting three hours a day to a full-time job and planning all the birthday parties, baking the cakes, volunteering in my children’s classrooms, and serving in the PTA.

I was burned out as a mom, social worker, wife, volunteer, student, employee, daughter, and sister!

As women in America, we’ve been told that we can “have it all.”

I can’t tell you how often I heard my teachers say that – how the women who came before us paved our way. I heard that even going back to my teen years!

And I believed it. I was going to have it all and do it all!

But there’s no rule book on how to “do it all.”

How exactly are you supposed to…

Climb the ladder…

Break the glass ceiling…

Have the children…

Take the promotion…

Volunteer at your child’s school…

Take care of your aging parents…

… oh, and keep doing all the “mom things” like laundry, shopping, and errands??

It’s no wonder that most of us burn out along the way.

You usually don’t realize how exhausted you are until you stop and take a pause.

But we aren’t stopping to pause very often. We are a work-hard, play-hard, weekend-warrior type of culture. We work all week and play harder with friends and family over the weekend to compensate for the lost time.

I think of it like this…

Have you ever gotten the flu while on vacation? Your body is telling you that you’ve been stressed, and the stress has kept your adrenaline running so high that you haven’t allowed yourself to feel sick.

Well, being burned out is like that times 100!

What if we stopped to give ourselves a moment?

What if we learned to take the time to fill our cup?

What if we worked and played from a GROUNDED place?

What if I met with you weekly to talk about it all: stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm?

What if we developed a customized plan to help you come back to who you are?

How would that make you feel?

How would it feel to have someone ask how YOUR week is going?

How about we discuss YOUR goals, ambitions, and desires?

How would it feel to have a place to share EVERYTHING without editing yourself?

This is your invitation to fill YOUR cup…

I invite you to allow yourself to ADMIT that you’re burned out and exhausted. Ignoring the signs of depletion and chaos will NOT help you move forward. It will keep you spiraling into overwhelm.

But when you acknowledge what you’re going through, you open yourself up to healing.

And I’m here for you. I’m here to share with you everything I’ve learned. It took me a long time to learn, but I’m now running my life and business in a way that lets me have everything I’ve ever wanted in moderation.

A life of less stress, less reactivity, and more self-love and compassion awaits!

Let me give you the tools. Call today for your free consultation: (925) 281-3520.