Individual Counseling

You never thought it would be you…

… the one who was burnt out. But here you are, weary from the demands of family, work, and friends.

You’re tired and exhausted from all this overdoing, overworking, and overthinking.

Your stress is showing up everywhere – in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

Do you notice yourself being reactive in conversation?

Each day, it gets difficult maintaining that “mask of perfection.”

Feeling lonely and scared – you’re not ready to address your emotions.

What do you do to let it all out?

Where do you go?

What do you do?

And who has the time??

You may have been asking yourself these questions for a while now.

But your schedule is packed, and you’re not sure how counseling could fit in.

You might be anxious about starting counseling, so you’ve probably procrastinated.

Plus, you’re probably spread so thin even the THOUGHT of self-care is exhausting.

Listen to your gut!

There’s a reason why you keep asking yourself why you haven’t reached out for help. You know your body is holding onto these trapped feelings.

These feelings need to be set free – given somewhere to go. When you don’t, you can get physically ill.

Body aches, upset stomach, headaches… sound familiar?

Individual counseling is a space just for you.

This is where YOU come to be seen and heard.

Counseling is judgment-free and provides support as often as possible.

This is a space where you can show up as your authentic self. It can also be a space for us to hold you accountable for taking the steps you need to take to live your best life.

We’ll develop a plan for your healing and work on it together.

Our culture expects us to do so many things independently, but this can’t be one of them.

Call today for your free consultation. Let’s talk about how I can help: (925) 281-3520.