Where is your office located?
I provide in-person sessions at my office in Santa Rosa, California. I also offer sessions in the home when necessary for anyone unable physically to come into my office.
Do you provide online therapy?
I provide therapy online via my telehealth platform, Simple Practice. I serve anyone in California online or in person in Santa Rosa, CA.
How long are sessions?
A free consultation session is 30 minutes. Ongoing therapy for individuals is typically 50 minutes. Family sessions are typically 90 minutes. When I visit your home, sessions are typically 60 minutes. However, it could be longer, depending on the situation.
Do you take insurance?
I do not take insurance. I recommend utilizing health savings accounts, which your employer establishes. This pre-tax account can be used for medical and mental health services. Therapy can typically be reimbursable through this type of account. Check with your employer.
What is your cancellation policy?
I hope we can keep our agreed-upon sessions. However, illness and life circumstances arise. My request is a 48-hour notice for cancellation. If cancellation is under 48 hours, clients are billed for the session/time I reserved for you.
What is the difference between an MFT and an LCSW?

MFT stands for Marriage and Family Therapist. An LCSW stands for a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

As an LCSW, I went to Social Work School and trained in providing therapy, resources, referrals, and care coordination when needed.

An MFT typically attends a Counseling School and is trained in providing counseling.

MFTs and LCSWs have fulfilled over 3000 hours of training before taking a licensing exam. In California, MFTs and LCSWs are governed by the Board of Behavioral Sciences.

Do your clients receive homework between sessions?
Typically, at the end of sessions, I invite you to determine if you would like to set an intention you may want to work on between sessions. There is absolutely NO judgment for not setting intentions between sessions or maintaining an intention.

Intention-setting is only an invitation to practice something and then have a place to discuss it further, regardless of the outcome.

Favorite TV show?

Project Runway! Who doesn’t love the best saying in fashion television, “Make it work”? I love Tim Gunn and hope to meet him in person someday.

Making it! I hope the show returns because I love the comedy duo, Amy Poehler & Nick Offerman.

Dogs or cats?

I had a bad experience with a cat as a young child, which created some reluctance and fear to have one in my adult life. However, good friends of mine had a cat named Psycho, and this fella was the only cat I’ve ever loved. He acted like a dog and cuddled at just the right times.

I am, most certainly, a dog person! I loved my childhood dogs, Yobo, a German shepherd, and Ginger, a golden retriever. As an adult, my husband and I adopted Feta, an adorable Bichon Frise.

Currently, my family and I have two rescue dogs, Morty and Layla. We also have a bunny named Blueberry.