In-Home Counseling

As you begin to feel the effects…

… of aging or chronic illness on your body, you notice more barriers keeping you from going out of the house as often as you used to. So many things can get in the way of getting help these days…

Getting out to appointments is more challenging for your aging body and mind.

There’s the risk of contagious disease or falling.

You might be anxious about climbing stairs or finding your way into a new building.

And then there’s having to navigate a parking space.

It’s frustrating how our bodies can make it more difficult to get help.

It’s not just your body that’s having a hard time…

It’s your emotions, too.

It is a struggle to get things done around the house that once took minutes.

Mustering the physical and emotional energy to stand for long periods for cooking or walking around the block is challenging.

And worry takes over when you don’t know what course your physical body will take.

Your worry about the future of your physical body is constantly on your mind.

You know you need to release emotional stress but are unsure how to get the support you need.

Clinicians used to visit in their homes.

What happened to those days?? Things today seem SO different.

It makes sense, though…

Why aren’t our elders and those with chronic illnesses visited in their homes?

In-home counseling is a real thing!

I’ve been providing counseling through home visits for over 15 years, so I know how to ensure you feel seen and heard where you live.

There is no need to treat me like a typical guest. I’m not there to be fed or entertained. My purpose is to establish a trusting, therapeutic relationship with you… and to help you through this emotional time.

It’s a stress-free way to do counseling and what you deserve.

I invite you to reach out today for your free consultation: (925) 281-3520.