Counseling for Women

Historically, psychotherapy has been a white man’s enterprise.

Men have primarily steered western culture and American medicine.

Did you know the word ‘Hysterical’ comes from the Greek word hysteron (“womb”), and women’s mental illness was attributed to a uterus defect? Women’s mental health was downplayed by the fact it was due to our uterus.

In my family, I have female relatives who were emotionally struggling and labeled as ‘hysterical’ and having ‘mental breakdowns’ by their male therapists and physicians. It resulted in being sent home on mind-numbing, anti-psychotic medications as a cure.

These words and practices named above are not acceptable terms used in today’s psychotherapy or medical practices. However, the harm that was done to women lives on in us.

Why am I sharing this?

Women know women!

Women who treat women bring an experienced-based understanding of the biological, hormonal, and cultural aspects of being a woman in this modern world.

The fear women have that ‘we won’t be understood’ was a reality, and some of us still fear this. When seeking gynecological care, many women seek a female provider instead of a male provider. Historically female providers have been in the minority. We now see a shift today, where more female providers are treating other females.

As a female therapist, I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with women. We can talk about the stress and struggles of our everyday lives and their impact on our minds, hearts, and bodies.

No matter your struggle, I welcome you.

I provide counseling to women in a variety of settings.

Individual therapy…

I’ll be working with you one-on-one. We’ll focus entirely on you, and you’ll grow from our conversations, your weekly intention setting, and practicing the skills you gain from our sessions.

Women’s circles…

You’ll have access to a circle of women who share their stories. You’ll be able to deeply connect as you share your story and care for each other authentically – just as our ancestors once did.

Group therapy…

In a group, you can share, receive feedback, and build your skills in a given area of interest. There are also opportunities for creative expression, such as sharing your feelings and intentions through art.

Let’s connect to the feminine within us!

I am very compassionate for our ancestors who didn’t have the choice to be seen by a female provider because males dominated psychotherapy.

I feel honored that I have the privilege to offer individual sessions, as well as groups and women’s circles to heal in community.

What kind of support are you seeking? I would love to hear.

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